Personal Training Lead

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Personal Training Lead

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Job Description

The Personal Training Lead is responsible for advancing the personal training business that results in exceeding all fitness financial targets at their club. This is achieved by building and developing a high-performing team who enables our members to achieve their physical, mental, and emotional fitness goals while enjoying a world-class experience every visit. PTLs oversee the personal training team to deliver high-quality training sessions with the goal of hitting monthly session targets and increasing overall net client count. They work with all team members to accomplish monthly targets of acquiring new personal training clients.


  • Build and develop a high performing team. This includes establishing a culture within the team that adheres to VASA's core values and drives accountability. The PTL is responsible for attracting, hiring, coaching, and maximizing the engagement of the personal training team for their club.
  • Increase acquisition of new and improve retention of existing personal training clients.
  • Develop an agile personal training team who can facilitate and adjust programming to fit the exact needs of each client. This includes following VASA's Care & Connect concepts throughout the duration of the client journey.
  • Create an approachable environment in and around the Personal Training Cage by interacting with members, clients, and guests in a friendly, fun, energetic, and inclusive way.
  • Retain personal training clients and ensure they receive the best value in personal training. This includes consistent appearance and behavior from the personal trainers, safe and clean training spaces, and over-delivery of value to cost.
  • Create a supportive, connected community for all personal trainers and their clients by providing multiple tools and resources for them to use, having meaningful check-ins with your team members, and encouraging their ongoing growth and development.
  • Attract new clients by forming personal relationships with VASA members.
  • Coach personal trainers on how to conduct a consultation and recommend appropriate personal training packages based on the client's goals.
  • Contribute and work with personal trainers to achieve monthly sales targets for attracting new clients.
  • Achieve monthly sales goals. PTLs will work with their team and help contribute to achieving monthly sales targets for attracting new clients.