Certified Personal Trainer

  • VASA Fitness
  • Cheyenne, WY
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Certified Personal Trainer

Company: VASA Fitness

Job Type: Hourly

Job Description

The personal trainer is a trusted team member who guides clients to success on their health and fitness journey. They do this through providing a world-class training experience through VASA Fitness's UPLIFT values and a caring and connected approach in every session. The Personal Trainer will prioritize, plan, and execute tactics to acquire new and retain existing clients.


  • Acquisition of new and retention of existing clientele. The Personal Trainer is responsible for performing all activities relative to the acquisition and retention of personal training clients.
  • Schedule and deliver complimentary PT sessions. Personal Trainers schedule then deliver personal training sessions for existing VASA members and execute on all processes and procedures for the success of each client.
  • Personal Trainers are agile in their training approach. This includes facilitating & adjusting exercise programming to fit the exact needs of each client. The Personal Trainer will demonstrate care & create connection throughout the duration of the client journey.
  • Create an approachable environment in and around the Personal Training Cage. This includes interacting with members, clients & guests in a friendly, fun, energetic & inclusive way. Personal Trainers will also demonstrate consistency in appearance, safety protocols, and cleaning activities.
  • Create a supportive, connected community for all clients. This includes utilizing the VASA programs, tools & resources, to deliver meaningful personal trainer check-ins, coaching and encouragement in the ongoing success of each client.


  • Base pay is $14.42 per hour. Average pay is $19.00 per hour!
  • Client Training Session Range: $22.00-$33.00 per hour!
  • Semi-private Training Session Range $44.00-$66.00 per hour!
  • Healthcare benefits for employees who work 20+ hours per week.
  • Two complimentary gym memberships--one for themselves and another to give away--plus 401k options.
  • Paid Time Off (hourly), Health, Dental, Vision Benefits and Paid Parental Leave (for 30+ hours per week employees)
  • Flexible Vacation Plan (salary) & Paid Holidays (for 40 hours per week employees)